Vietnam Memorial Names Quick Guide

The Vietnam Memorial Names application seeks to honor the service members who fought in the Vietnam War and especially those service members who died while serving in Vietnam and South East Asia or are still Missing In Action.

Similar to the Vietnam Memorial application, the Vietnam Memorial Names application provides the same name search capability for the names on the vietnam memorial, but does not contain any images of the vietnam memorial wall. This makes the application very small, so if you are visiting the Vietnam Memorial and just want to find the location of names on the vietnam memorial wall you can download it quickly on the cellular network.

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Vietnam Memorial Name Search Tips:

- To search for names on the vietnam memorial wall, at a minimum you must enter part the last name and then optionally can enter any part of the first name, the causality year and month.

- If you are not sure of the spelling of the last name, just try the first few letters by entering "JO" into the "Last Name" you would get all last names such as JONES, JOHNSON, etc.

- Most names on the vietnam memorial starting with MC, MAC, LA, LE, DE etc. have a space in them, so you may need to try it with and without the space.

- Similar to the Last Name, by entering "JO" into the "First Name" you would get all first names such as JOE, JOSEPH, JOSE, etc.

- To select a causality month, you must first select a year, so that the month selection can be filtered to only months in that year where causalities occurred.

Vietnam Memorial Names Search

Vietnam Memorial Names Search Screen

Vietnam Memorial Name List:

Once you have entered the data for your search, select the “Search” navigation button and a list of Names on the vietnam memorial, as well as the Home of Records, Incident Date, Casualty Date, Panel and Line information will be displayed. If you get “No records match your search criteria” then use less Information and check the spelling of the names.

Vietnam Memorial Names Search Results

Vietnam Memorial Names List

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