Capitol Dome Quick Guide

The Capitol Dome application contains a short overview of the United States Capitol Dome and detailed images and explanations of the Frieze of American History and Apotheosis of George Washington. The Frieze of American History is a 360-degree panoramic fresco found in the Capitol Dome that can be navigated using the screen to scroll, or through use of the built in compass (if the device has one). The 19 panels of the Frieze of American History provide a good overview of the significant events that shaped the early history of America starting with the Landing of Columbus in 1492 and ending with the Wright Brothers first flight and the "Birth of Aviation" in 1903. The text on each of the Frieze panels also provides a brief history of the Frieze itself.

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To navigate between the various views in the Capitol Dome application, select the button with the arrow.

On the iPhone or iPod touch, a single tap will display the text associated with each of the panels (hover on the image to the right to see how it works. When run on an iPad, the Capitol Dome application takes advantage of the larger screen to display the text and images at the same time.

If location services are available and your device has a built in compass, select the compass icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen to enable navigation of the Frieze panels with the compass. Once the compass is enabled, the Frieze panels will be displayed in the same direction, as they exist on the Capitol Dome.

Because the Capitol Dome application needs your current location to calculate "True North", you will be requested to allow the application to use your location.

Image of a Frieze Panel

The Frieze of American History

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Book a tour of the Capitol

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